Italian scientists isolate DNA sequence of coronavirus

Italian scientists isolate DNA sequence of coronavirus

A hospital in Rome, Italy, announced on Sunday that it has isolated the DNA sequence of the coronavirus. Health Minister Roberto Speranza said the discovery will be immediately made available to the entire international community. ’Having isolated the virus means that we’ll have many more opportunities to study it, to understand it’, Speranza said.

OkGo! 3 months

Quick work and great honesty in sharing this. Congratulations

Candy 3 months

+5% cure progress

porcus 3 months

Good work Italians!

Fin 3 months

Said the same thing bout hiv... Still no vaccine

..... 3 months

What is worrisome in all of this is as Chinese come back from holiday the spread will jump and the chances of mutation will thus increase. Luckily it is a rather unique strain so hopefully key markers will not change. My best guess is this is a test to see how future bio weapons will work, spread, and be combatted. Bill Gates owns the patent afterall.

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