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NYT report shows senator defended Powell against Trump

NYT report shows senator defended Powell against Trump

According to a New York Times report, email exchanges among central bankers and their staff show that some of them are watching President Trump’s continued challenge to the Fed to lower rates. The Times got access to the emails following a Freedom of Information request. Following an August attack where Trump called Powell and ’enemy’, Sen. Cramer said the Fed should be free of political pressure.

James Johnson
James Johnson 6 months

"The Federal Bank" privately owned by foreign banks, using rates to make kings and paupers alike. Shut up and obey. or else your economy will have an "accident"

anthony 6 months

Central Bankers are everybody's enemy.

Fin 6 months

An enemy.. Because he won't give the king what he wants n falsely keep assisting to provide a rib to make the economy seem to fit the kings narrative.. Well that's an enemy I can respect.. At least someone understands economics

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