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’Nobody can beat Trump in a Republican Primary’, says Joe Walsh

’Nobody can beat Trump in a Republican Primary’, says Joe Walsh

Former Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh said Tuesday that he does not believe President Trump can be defeated in a GOP primary. Walsh tweeted calling for a new political movement for conservatives such as him, slamming the modern-day Republican Party as a ’cult’. Walsh complained about his rally in Iowa saying the crowd booed him when he said ’we needed a President who doesn’t lie all the time’.

porcus 7 months

No kidding. This is obvious to everyone else in the nation.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 7 months

Geez, how fucking dumb is that guy?

Mutatis 7 months

Trump is the incumbent and has a rather high approval rating within the Republican party, so I am bit surprised this guy just came to conclusion that Trump has a lock on the primary.

Jon 7 months

Secret ballots counted in a back room by pro Trump precinct managers lol. Sounds about right for the fascist dictator.

themdg 7 months

He should have Mitt Demny as a running mate.

Stephanie 7 months

That's not true. Bernie can beat Trump, the DNC, however, looks like they're trying to give him another four years though.

ConcealCarryProtect 7 months

This guy probably puts his shoes on before his pants.

Fin 7 months

Joe thanks for speaking up.... If u don't u know the gop will be completely radicalized n hijacked by yep a cult leader... They are two thirds already there... The Lincoln party go get involved

Fatman in Paradise
Fatman in Paradise 7 months

We needed a Republican Nominee that would Fight for Republican values. That's one of the many reasons we got Trump.

Jon 7 months

Mutstis no kidding it's like Tulsi saying she had a shot.

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