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As forests grow, so does hope for our climate

As forests grow, so does hope for our climate

Over the last two decades, accumulative forest expansion the size of France have grown around the world. The amount of carbon dioxide that these trees can store offsets the entire carbon footprint of the United States annually. While great progress has been made, forestry experts and activist say there is still work to be done, as logging still outpaces planting.

TEQ 1 months

And we need more. Woodcutting Companies should realize that a cut and plant policy makes complete sense, business wise and is vital for us to stay alive. Because of... you know.. Breathing and all.

Max Bants
Max Bants 1 months

Now if we can offset (or stop) China's emissions, we're golden.

dan 1 months

no link to the study? well I read a study almost 2yrs ago that said the same thing and it named the US and russia at the top among other developed countries for moving away from wood burning practices for cooking and heating. funny these articles talk about china and not the US and russia?

Paschal 1 months

They just cut down 40 acres of trees to build a housing development here in NJ. How do those trees get replaced?

Seekster 1 months

It should he standard policy to plant as many trees as you cut down. Its fine to use the planet's resources but we must conserve them to make sure that these resources are available to future generations.

SMT SHT 1 months

@indo. Less and less we need a physical printout. Just look at $$$ now it's moving very quickly to crypto.

Indo 1 months

And that would be our need for paper usage. And we are supposed to be highly advanced . yet we need printed matter heavily

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