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Woman acquitted of blasphemy for taking a dog into a mosque

Woman acquitted of blasphemy for taking a dog into a mosque

A mentally ill woman has been spared imprisonment in Indonesia for blasphemy after letting a dog into a mosque. This comes after a video of Suzethe Margaret entering a mosque wearing shoes before letting her dog run around went viral last year. A panel of judges in Bogor found her guilty of blasphemy but said she could not be held responsible for her actions. Margaret has paranoid schizophrenia.

Spartan Life
Spartan Life 6 months

For those of you confused Muhammad the prophet of Islam preached that dogs are unclean and that holy spiritual forms are either unable or unwilling to enter homes that have dog in them. (Because it’s not at all a red flag that your super totally good and god sent spirt is irrationally afraid of an animal known for kindness loyalty and being able to sense when something evil is going on)

TheTrooper424 6 months

So glad I don't have to live in such a backwards shithole.

Michael Tatom
Michael Tatom 6 months

The prophet Muhammad taught his followers that dogs were “dirty.” It must’ve had an encounter with one and held a grudge— dogs are routinely stoned to death throughout the Muslim world.

Barny Fraggles
Barny Fraggles 6 months

I'm surprised she's even allowed to own a dog in an islamic country.

Larry 6 months

Should have taken a piglet

little 6 months

poor dog.

ConcealCarryProtect 6 months

I'm sure the indonesian court had a just and reasonable hearing for such a terrible crime.

F G 6 months

As if these people are any cleaner than a dog

Leo Miggel
Leo Miggel 6 months

Because east asian muslims aren't as radicalized as arabs, at least these people are still using common sense some times.

..... 6 months

Muslims are dogs so quit trippin.

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 6 months

Apparently my comment was once again censored by news voice so let me reiterate. I bet you my dog is cleaner than any person from Middle Eastern country, he certainly smells better. Just saying.

Hugo Stiglitz
Hugo Stiglitz 6 months

Inspirational girl, but I can do better, I'm spending the next 3 days on a meth bender, eating nothing but discarded McDonald's from rubbish bins and drinking only cask wine and then attend the local mosque and spray my special anal brew all over the place.

Gus  Lone
Gus Lone 6 months

So not Dogs' Heaven for muslim dogs? Man that's mean.

Grand Ol Propaganda
Grand Ol Propaganda 6 months

Click bait for Spanksters 🤣🤣🤣

Fin 6 months

Lucky they showed mercy due to being touched by God... Could have been a horrific conviction

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