Woman gives birth mid-flight on Qatar Airways plane

Woman gives birth mid-flight on Qatar Airways plane

A Qatar Airways flight en route to Bangkok from Doha had to be diverted to Kolkata, India after a woman gave birth to a baby boy during the flight. The woman went into labor during the journey, and gave birth to her newborn son at 3am Wednesday with the help of 5 crew members and an onboard doctor. The plane landed in the Indian city at 3.15 am, and the woman was admitted to a local hospital.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 3 months

Welp trying to figure out that baby's citizenship is gonna be a pain in the ass for customs. Good for the mother BTW.

Andromeda 3 months

Anything to Declare???

Unity.Nat 3 months

I only count 1 boarding pass Miss.

Meyer 3 months

I thought women THAT pregnant could not get on planes...

Just An Opinion
Just An Opinion 3 months

The mile high club is for coming in to a woman mid-flight. But what club is for coming out of a woman mid-flight?

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