US snowfall totals down 46% since 1970s: Study

US snowfall totals down 46% since 1970s: Study

Snowfall during fall and spring is declining across most of the US, according to a study by Climate Central. The environment group says that 80% of the 244 locations they tracked between 1970 and 2019 saw a drop in snowfall during the fall months, a 46% decline during the winter months and a 66% drop during spring months. Nashville and Knoxville saw the highest snowfall loss during that period.

Drew 1 months

Not that I dont support Climate Change, but why is that when we get back to back snowstorms they say "this is the result of climate change, more sever weather." then in the same year with record low snow fall it is also "the result of Climate Change." I am confused as to how that happens at the same time.

Jim Boi
Jim Boi 1 months

Weren’t they crying global cooling and the next Ice age in the 1970s?

porcus 1 months

I call bullshit.

Max Bants
Max Bants 1 months

I'm more concerned about magnetic pole shifts and Asteroid impacts than climate change. Call me crazy if you must.

bobby_5150 1 months

Does this mean no ice age? They promised an ice age.

Tsila Noitan (Backer)
Tsila Noitan (Backer) 1 months

the earth is billions of years old. a sample of fifty years is meaningless.

Correspondent in Virginia
Correspondent in Virginia 1 months

Or it could just be a low snow year. Weather is never consistent year to year. some years you have a lot of high occurences of different sorts of weather and some years it's a little or low occurences. A few years ago we had record snow fall and they blamed it on climate change too

Rocky 1 months

As it snows today in Tennessee a state where we get generally 0 snow per year so I guess we now have a 100% increase in annual snowfall according to how these wackos frame data.

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