Pablo Escobar’s hitman ’Popeye’ dies from stomach cancer

Pablo Escobar’s hitman ’Popeye’ dies from stomach cancer

Jhon Jairo Velásquez, who worked for Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar has died of stomach cancer in Bogota. He was 57. Known as ’Popeye’, Velásquez boasted of killing 300 people. Velásquez gave himself up to the authorities in 1992. He was released from prison in 2014 and launched a YouTube channel, attracting more than a million followers. He was jailed again in 2018 on charges of extortion.

Ted Hill
Ted Hill 2 months

.... Bah! I'll say it. Cancer still sucks.

Free lead for commies
Free lead for commies 2 months

Too bad it didnt happen sooner.

Edward Williams
Edward Williams 2 months

God riddance

david dindu
david dindu 2 months

cancer 1: spinach 0

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