Capitol Police give ’all-clear’ on suspicious substance at Schiff’s office

Capitol Police give ’all-clear’ on suspicious substance at Schiff’s office

US Capitol Police have given the all-clear after they responded to probe a suspicious substance at Adam Schiff’s office Thursday. The police received a call about the substance at 10:30 am. and cornered off the hallway as they searched the area. Schiff has received many threats in recent months, and he has been accompanied by a security detail since the start of the impeachment trial in September.

Paul C
Paul C 2 months

After a detailed investigation it was determined to be a breath of fresh air. Something rarely encountered in the area near Rep. Schiff's office. Schiff was unaffected as his head remained firmly shoved up his own ass and was never in danger of breathing the fresh air.

Joo Radley
Joo Radley 2 months

Adam shiffed on the floor outside his office.

David Shechtman
David Shechtman 2 months

was it sanity?

Ruth Cole
Ruth Cole 2 months

prob the shite hes been dribbling the last few weeks..just piled up.

bobby_5150 2 months

I heard it was his integrity trying to slip away.

Guffypaws 2 months

It's called "cocaine."

mike 2 months

Jeez guys... you're so mean... her name is Nancy.

npc8472 2 months

They may have found his brain.

Rational ific
Rational ific 2 months

Sodium chloride was discovered at the scene.

Innerparty 2 months

Adam had a little accident.

David Silverstone
David Silverstone 2 months

Turns out the suspicious substance was Schiff.

Fin 2 months

Good job capitol police

John W
John W 2 months

they found a letter by schiff, after they read it and couldn't find any lies, the investigator thought it was suspicious.

Fin 2 months

The greatest tyrants are found with in a mob...

Crimson Jester
Crimson Jester 2 months

Did Schiff plant it? His personal Coke perhaps? He seems like it is.

CommanderVaasDC 2 months

jussie 3.0?

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