Greater EU role urged by Macron in curbing nuclear threats

Greater EU role urged by Macron in curbing nuclear threats

European nations have been called to play a more direct role in halting a new nuclear arms race by Emmanuel Macron, the President of France. The French President said that this is a threat to the collective security of the continent and hence the European nations should no longer remain spectators.

Sapper 3 months

Oh- NOW he wants nation states. This bloke is a dangerous fool and his people know it. He’s a weak leader, universally hated and thinks he can bully countries with his attitude of France being the leader of the EU next to ze fatherland. Guess what little fella, we don’t want your EU super state that no one asked for. We don’t want your anti patriotic nonsense and certainly not your pious ramblings and threats to the U.K. The frogs are an odd race, but they love a good protest and shows that imbecile what his people think of him. In fact, all over Europe people are voting nationalistic parties and why not? The globalists have gone too far in demonising patriotism and expecting massive demographic changes, that cause infinite more harm than good, to be cheered by the European people. The EU are not Europeans. The EU is a totalitarian protection racket, that benefits the ‘elite’ and keeps their people in constant fear. Fuck the EU and Good luck European brothers.

Fernando 3 months

Let’s drop some pallets of cash to Iran.

BumperCar 3 months

Oh? Isn't this the guy that's protested by his countrymen FOR A FUCKIN' YEAR?

Pryotra 3 months

Someone just realized that they became the most militarized nation in the EU. Guess they don't like being the primary defender of Europe, outside of the US of course.

Seekster 3 months

The USA would love the countries of Europe to get over their unhealthy paranoia about anything remotely tied to national pride or the military and actually do something to make a difference in the world instead of spending time just talking about it and criticizing know if that isn't too much trouble for you old men. Side note: kudos to France for leading the fight against terrorists in Mali and elsewhere in northwest Africa. If we could see a little more of that kind of thing from the rest of Europe that would be great.

Ivario Sulfust
Ivario Sulfust 3 months

How is he able to escape from his apartment under his desk?

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