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Two US soldiers killed in Afghanistan ’insider attack’

Two US soldiers killed in Afghanistan ’insider attack’

Two US soldiers were killed and six wounded in an apparent insider attack in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province late Saturday. One Afghan soldier has also died in the attack. The attacker was reportedly an Afghan soldier and has been killed. He had an argument with US soldiers before he opened fire from his machine gun.

Julian 5 months

Just bring them home

Cole. 5 months

just bring them home

I have no idea
I have no idea 5 months

Time to leave. Bring our troops home. If a country wants our help they can ask for it via formal treaty. Stop these intervention war.

T3hGladiator 5 months

"US officials say it is not clear whether militants in Afghan uniforms attacked the US forces in Nangarhar province or whether there was an argument between the allies." Yikes

Chase100 5 months

Trump swamp isn’t going to bring anyone home, he’s increased troops in Middle East more than Obama did

michael zubas
michael zubas 5 months

another Taliban Spy. all they want is to kill us for existing. if we leave? and they kill us over here? that means we gotta go out and eliminate the Taliban. their people, and their Ideology..

James 5 months

God bless you American soldiers and for the ultimate sacrifice you paid truly Our Heroes this goes out to the families the soldiers they've lost may God bring them in his loving arms amen God Bless You Soldiers all you thank you for your dedication and for your sacrifice God Bless America God bless American soldiers the best in the world the most powerful military in the world no one will ever touch us

James 5 months

it's very sad they fight to protect and to help these countries are American soldiers they fight for a country to keep our freedom safe twenty-four hours a day they fight for the respect United States flag and these scumbags in these countries just don't care I'd I'd say level them blow them back to the Stone Age

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