Sanders manages to maintain lead in New Hampshire, according to new poll

Sanders manages to maintain lead in New Hampshire, according to new poll

A new CNN poll has reported that Senator Bernie Sanders has managed to maintain his lead over his rivals in New Hampshire. The poll, which was conducted by the University of New Hampshire and was released by CNN, has claimed that the support garnered by the Vermont Senator has increased by 3 points, to 28% since January.

Garthak 2 months

doesn't matter. everyone in new Hampshire could vote for Bernie, and buttglug will still win the state. fix is in.

smeg head
smeg head 2 months

So CNN looked at a few poll results and published the one they liked most.. again is CNN even relevant anymore??

EnervatedSociety 2 months

CNN Poll. I’ll wait for the results instead.

Nicolas 2 months

Yeah, good. OK.

Andrew Colomy
Andrew Colomy 2 months

Democrats call Trump supporters a cult but are literally all over Bernies dick as if he could do no wrong.

Daniel McEwen
Daniel McEwen 2 months

I really want Sanders to get the nomination. He won't have a chance in hell of winning.

porcus 2 months

Klobuchar is not rising; this is just a temporary shifting of the supporters amongst the elebenty candidates, since the public is getting freaked out about the catastrophic handling of Iowa by the DNC. Warren is sinking, Biden is sinking, so those supporters are starting to look around for a ship that doesn't look like it's going to take on water yet. But Klobuchar has no international experience and no governing experience. Her only appeal is she isn't Far Left Crazy, she doesn't have one foot in the grave yet, and she has a vagina. That's it. Nothing appealing on her policies, proposals, plans, or vision. Once the public figures that out they will leave her too.

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 2 months

Deepstate Pete will still win. Ever wonder how that guy rose to prominence so fast despite just being a small town mayor, and not a very good one at that?

Randall 2 months

Go Bernie Sanders for President!

David 2 months

remember Jim Jones was a socialist.

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