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Facebook to prompt some users to ’read before you share’

Facebook to prompt some users to ’read before you share’

Facebook, in an effort to stem the flow of misinformation on it’s platform, has taken a leaf from Twitter’s book. Beginning this week, the social media giant will begin testing a program that will prompt some users to read a news article before sharing it, with a warning that they ’may be missing some key facts.’ Twitter implemented a similar policy last year.

R_Forde 0 months

Maybe NewsVoice should set up a system where you can’t comment without reading at least one story.

thepuckchucker 0 months

I think your foolish to read any news posted on social media, but Facebook and the like are blocking opposing views on their platforms.

Martin 0 months

This is only an attempt to create more money and sell advertisements. Don't worry, they don't care about your ''online opinion''.

Tyler 0 months


Brianna 0 months

For once I have to say bravo. Tons of people share articles solely based on the (often misleading) title whitout even a glance at content !

Colin715 0 months

Unless it times how long they look at it the average joe will just click on it and click out.

Seekster 0 months

Not a bad idea.

Indo 0 months

Its the habit that we form. Just press this n or that. Its easy, you try it.

jon 0 months

...then proceeds to ban any stories or people that don't fit its woke agenda. So glad I got rid of that stinking app.

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