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Biden calls New Hampshire voter ’lying dog faced pony soldier’

Biden calls New Hampshire voter ’lying dog faced pony soldier’

Joe Biden kicked off a controversy when he called a New Hampshire voter a ’lying dog faced pony soldier’. Mr. Biden was responding to a question about how he could convince voters that he would be able to win the Democratic nomination, to which Biden responded by asking the voter if she had been to a caucus before. When the voter said yes, Biden responded by making this comment.

mantico 6 months

I like how his new recent strategy is to just tell voters to go vote for someone else.

porcus 6 months

Biden has, I think, lost the idea of what campaigning is about. He appears to have forgotten that the one campaigning should not go insulting the voters he is trying to attract. He has been insulting voters quite a bit lately. He really should just stop his bid and spend his last remaining time with his family.

Fin 6 months

Not the way to win over voters joe

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