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Businessman shoots and kills dog on golf course

Businessman shoots and kills dog on golf course

A businessman has been arrested after he allegedly shot and killed a dog who had stolen his ball on a golf course in Puerto Rico. Salil Zaveri was playing golf Saturday at the Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Resort when the dog took the ball. Upset, Zaveri pulled out a 9-mm pistol and shot the dog at least twice. Zaveri is a sales and management consultant who runs the San Juan-based firm Zaveri Consulting.

John 0 months

When there are no consequences everyone does what they want imagine if it were a small child that took his precious ball then what would people be up in arm what’s there to stop him a conscience seems he doesn’t have one

Neil 0 months

How does this make news?

Jones 0 months

I was expecting Florida man... I'm slightly disappointed.

Oliver Holzerfül
Oliver Holzerfül 0 months

This guy takes the game pretty seriously

Endaro 0 months

Wonder what he’d do if someone cut him off in traffic…..

Randall 0 months

Let's have more guns for everyone!

Phil Scott
Phil Scott 0 months

That's a penalty stroke if ever there was one. Motard.

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