Aurora admits to mishandling drunk officer

Aurora admits to mishandling drunk officer

The case of police officer Nate Meier has been mishandled by the police department, according to Aurora’s Interim Police Chief as well as City Manager. Meier was found drunk while he was on duty and also at the wheel of a police vehicle.

Gen 3 months

Of course he got away with it, did anyone expect it to go any other way? if so I have some ocean front property in South Dakota you may be interested in?

tim 3 months

Bob Of Cheesecake
Bob Of Cheesecake 3 months

Drunk driving is illegal no matter who is doing it.

Fin 3 months

My first bust a drunk off duty cop with his car loaded with dept weapons... His dept tried to sweep it under the carpet.... I went to da n told the da... Follow thru or I am taking this to the press n I won't 🛑... My chief backed me n we got the scumbag fired

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