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Hamas, Israel trade new rocket fire and airstrikes

Hamas, Israel trade new rocket fire and airstrikes

Hamas launched dozens of rockets from Gaza and Israel retaliated with new airstrikes early Tuesday, in an escalation of tensions. 24 people, including nine children, were killed in Gaza overnight, most of them in Israeli strikes. More than 700 Palestinians were hurt in clashes with Israeli security forces. Six Israeli civilians have been reported hurt by rocket fire Tuesday morning.

Jonny 1 months

There are two great evils in the world right now: the ruling class of china, and the doctrine of islam. Both are starting to escalate beyond the point of control. The modern world really does need to band together to deal with these global threats; failure to do so will likely see a collapse of modernity, civil liberty, and egalitarian equality. It will throw us back at least 300 to 500 years.

jon 1 months

Man, gotta love the unbiased reporting on this frackin' app. Hamas has hit a house in Ashkelon and has been targeting the area around Gaza for decades at this point. They fired anti-tank missiles at a car in the "Otef Aza" area around the Gaza Strip.The "tensions" are the result of Arabs wholesale attacking Jews throughout Israel, with massive riots in Jerusalem and around Arab villages. The Arabs of Jerusalem were openly calling on Hamas - a terrorist organization - to target the city and their fellow citizens. Besides, it really doesn't matter how many people die on the side that *instigates rocket strikes on a civilian population*, especially seeing as Hamas's cowards like to hide within Gaza's civilian population and use civilian casualties for propaganda purposes. Israeli women and children do not have to live in fear, and the IDF is expected to do its job and protect them from harm. I thought we were over this BS, but I guess Obummer's having his third term through Sniffy.

Daniel 1 months

Palestinian terrorists getting what they deserve.

Potato 1 months

Is the launching of rockets between Israel and Palastine even newsworthy at this point? It may as well be part of the weather report. "partially sunny today with a chance of rockets"

Vark 1 months

I might be the only right wing guy that isn't obsessed with Israel. I used to be most of my life. But seeing their propaganda last 7 years of interventionist policies has turned me away from them. I pray for the Christians of this area, the only original inhabitants who are oppressed by Israel and Palestine.

Glen 1 months

This is not going to end well. This is what happens when Iran supplies the world terrorists with unlimited supplies of weapons.

Indo 1 months

Holy cows !! Still fighting.

Shono 1 months

And what is the real story?

Phoenix 1 months

The religion of mostly peace is at it again.

Sasu 1 months

Funny how the peace treaty is no more when Hamas gets misses.

michael 1 months

Didn't this start because israel raided a mosque?

Gary Bea
Gary Bea 1 months

Isn't it Ramadan at the moment where Muslims won't harm others?

JoeSchmo 1 months

No chance we can somehow convince Kerry a Palestinian rocket is the new Disney ride? Just sayin

skrappjaw 1 months

Islam and Rabinic Judaism have provisions for doing harm to others that are considered infidels or heathens or whatever. It's kinda gross. However, there's a ministry called One For Israel that has been tackling these issues with Rabinic Judaism for some time. I highly recommend their YouTube channel.

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