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Russia ex-prison official kills himself in court

Russia ex-prison official kills himself in court

An Russian ex-prison official shot himself dead in a courtroom after a hearing which sentenced him to three years in jail on corruption charges. An investigation has been launched into how Viktor Sviridov was able to bring the gun into the Moscow court. Sviridov had pleaded guilty to charges of extorting a 10 million ruble ($158,800) bribe, but asked the judge not to jail him.

Avi Khait
Avi Khait 7 months

Wow. He knew something about the conditions in Russian prisons.

Jan cor
Jan cor 7 months

A prison official in jail is sure to become a bottom bitch, so he thought this is the only way out.

O'Brien 7 months

In Russia prisoner tells judge sentence.

Fin 7 months

Now don't putin was ☺

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