BP says it wants to have net-zero emissions by 2050

BP says it wants to have net-zero emissions by 2050

Oil behemoth BP’s has set an ambitious target to shrink its carbon footprint to net zero by 2050. The company will also cut the carbon intensity of the energy it sells by 50% over the period. BP is putting in place a new team tasked with setting out a roadmap for BP to play a role in decarbonizing the energy system.

Pigdog5150 4 months

Nothing wrong with CO2. I know our forests and crops love it.

Mike Johanson
Mike Johanson 4 months

Did they factor in the spill that still brings oil sludge to the Louisiana shore? I'm sure they did. They're honest. 😒

Craig 4 months

too little too late too unbelievable

Luke Duke
Luke Duke 4 months

British Petroleum. What a “virtuous” way to become insolvent and put thousands out of work.

IvoryDove 4 months

Their solution will be "get as much federal money as we can for as little effort as possible." Crony Capitalism at its worst.

Per Gunnar
Per Gunnar 4 months

Nonsensical bullshit trying to appease the ignorant loudmouthed morons that's fallen for the green communists drivel.

Rational 4 months

Honestly, I think this is a PR stunt. This is really code for we are going to invest in some green stuff to offset the dirty parts of our existing business units while actually not doing anything to clean up those existing business units.

Mike Clark
Mike Clark 4 months

Urm, not exactly a speedy plan, but if it means alternative forms of energy and moving away from middle-eastsrn oil then better late than never

Tsila Noitan (Backer)
Tsila Noitan (Backer) 4 months

NetZero..... oh man, the nostalgia burns

Up 4 months

And when they start to lose money because this isn't a viable strategy they will walk it back. but no one will remember this article in a month so who cares.

Craig 4 months

great... the world will be well on to becoming a cinder by then... dont these corporations employee anyone... anyone at all who #1 can read and #2 gives a crap about themselves or their own circles of people, let alone all the rest of us. Thanks BP for nothing... again.

Barry 4 months

yes, but will they be gluten free?

Chris Cahill
Chris Cahill 4 months

Can’t see how that’s even possible I work in refineries

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