Bat curry still popular in Indonesia

Bat curry still popular in Indonesia

Bat curry is still a popular dish in Manado in Indonesia. Despite the outbreak of Coronavirus, business is booming at restaurants in Manado as the local delicacy is still being served. The virus is reported to have started at an exotic animal market in China.

Apache helicopter
Apache helicopter 3 months

some people are just batshit crazy..

L C 3 months

eat the soup bigot

david dindu
david dindu 3 months

bat lives matter

Migaligaz 3 months

What could go wrong?

Janitor Jez
Janitor Jez 3 months

Holy fate worse than death! Bat curry served with crispy robins!

Bart 3 months

Can't cure stupid.

Sweet Meat
Sweet Meat 3 months

I bet the bat curry is good but I heard the pangolin is killer.

The Biggest Bird
The Biggest Bird 3 months

I think it was just Chinese bats

AbsentSal 3 months

pass me an article where someone qualified states the virus came from bat soup

IIZard 3 months

it's like chicken....

Matthew 3 months

So sad that bats are dying like this. They’re so much more important to us than people know. Whether controlling insect populations, pollinating plants, or reforesting open areas, they serve many critical functions in our world. And they are dying out in record numbers because people have no idea of the killings or of how important they are.

Cole Erdmann
Cole Erdmann 3 months

of course it does

Judi Em
Judi Em 3 months


Aight Bradley
Aight Bradley 3 months

I prefer chicken or beef in my curry...

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