GOP senators say Trump should not criticize pending sentences

GOP senators say Trump should not criticize pending sentences

A handful of Republican senators said Wednesday that President Trump should not weigh in on pending sentences after he criticized an earlier sentencing recommendation from the Department of Justice in the Roger Stone case. He called the Department’s recommendation of seven to nine years in prison ’very unfair,’ causing the sentence to be reduced.

Scott in FLorida
Scott in FLorida 2 months

Lets see 6 kids in NY just got release without any bail the day after being high and busted in possession of 7 million dollars worth of fentanyl. This old fart Stone gets swatted and 9 years for telling the corrupt congress to fuck off over the sham russia investigation. Does that sound fair to you?

Edmond_Dantes 2 months

Doesn't the President of the United States have the authority to do that though? Oh wait, because it's the Orange Man it's bad now. Fuck off and let him do his job

Joo Radley
Joo Radley 2 months

this headline keeps getting peddled inside-out. ---- DOJ made thier call, Trump commented before it became public. It wasn't Trump comment = makes call

Jon 2 months

Thanks for your input Lisa Murkowski you dumb fucking twit. No shit it looks bad. So why did you give Trump a pass during impeachment you old bat.

Paul C
Paul C 2 months

Why would Trump care what the sentence is, he's just going to pardon him anyway.

Billy 2 months

He makes sure things that need public attention don't slide under the radar.

Fin 2 months

If u think u. Can reign him in u missed ur chance cowering n covering up for him.. Duh

Kevin 2 months

Blah, blah, blah. These spineless lizards have not shown any sign of conscience or integrity in four years. This is not going to change.

maddforit 2 months

The President can commute any and all jail/prison sentences at the stroke of a pen this New story is a Non-Story otherwise known as fake news

Craig 2 months

Funny how the levels of power work.

Just_Saying 2 months

The GOP Senators pull on out of the Captain Obvious file.

Jon 2 months

From the constitution "The executive shall NEVER excercise the legislative or judicial powers to the end that it may be a government of LAWS and not men." By taking the judicial powers of convicting and sentencing Trump has turned our system of laws not men on its head. -Tom Hartmann

Luther Young
Luther Young 2 months

So what we're saying, is that lawmakers are too weak to stick to their guns when someone makes a comment online. That's weak... really weak. I don't see how this is Trump's problem.

Fin 2 months

Gee now they whisper up..

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