’Nothing is truly Scandinavian’ top Nordic airline SAS declares in ad

’Nothing is truly Scandinavian’ top Nordic airline SAS declares in ad

SAS, the pan-Scandinavian airline, has landed in hot water over its new commercial and is being accused of peddling multiculturalist propaganda. Following the debacle, SAS deleted the contentious ad from YouTube.

Alex Almeida
Alex Almeida
krm266 4 months

The black guy on the right unironically says "Our Viking ancestors" in the video. You can't make this shit up. Welcome to clown decade boys 🤡

O'Brien 4 months

Currently the right wing Sweden Demokrats are polling between first and second position after a consistent lift in the polls over last 3-4 years. Jimmy Åkkesson, their leader is polling first. The Swedes are finally deciding that mothers with their babies in their arms getting shot dead in the street or three explosions per week every week are not the things that first came to mind when told diversity is a strength. No wonder this nut job airline recanted.

Kaka Kaka
Kaka Kaka 4 months

Truly this sad I do not want this swede peds go wakanda forever 'nd sheit, I am African I don't want the whole fucking world to look and feel the same bloody everywhere that's boring.

Catman 4 months

Nothing is truly African, it was carried there piece by piece from Europe to the colonies honk honk. Clown Express is going chuuu chuuu

Based Haole
Based Haole 4 months

(Forced Diversity) is our strength Eat the Flesh. Drink the syrup. Consume.Obey.Consume.Obey

Hugo Stiglitz
Hugo Stiglitz 4 months

All hail our Cuck overlords the Swedes, they're so morally superior that they hate themselves even more than they hate us for hating on Greta.

Seekster 4 months

How embarrassing, no country should be made to reject it's own culture and history. Changing it and adapting to the times is one thing but trying to wipe away your nation's past is absurd and dangerous.

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