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UK to ban LGBT conversion therapy

UK to ban LGBT conversion therapy

The UK is moving to ban conversion therapy and provide more support to those in the LGBT community who have undergone the treatment. The government said measures would be brought forward to prevent these ’abhorrent practices which can cause mental and physical harm.’ The govt. plans to begin the process with a consultation on how best to protect people and how to eliminate coercive practices.

neptune1bond 0 months

Good! People rarely enter these programs without being coerced, threatened, or emotionally manipulated anyways. These practices have no place in modern societies and you really can't "cure" a sexuality.

Rocky 0 months

When will they acknowledge that current treatments leave thousands dead at alarming rates due to mental illness? When will we start to treat the cause of the problem rather than indulge delusional behavior to the mental detriment of the patient. Current "treatment" methods of transition and denial of reality are leaving families burying their loved ones. We need to help these people come to terms with reality and live on realities terms to be healthy and happy individuals. Attempting to live in an obvious delusion leaves individuals in a state of severe depression that often results in suicide. None of the current "treatments" offered do anything to reduce this risk of suicide. It's truly a sad situation and I weep for those suffering and being offered lies as their only solution.

Jimmy 0 months

Conversion thearpy is wrong if done by a Church! It's perfectly fine if done by a primary school teacher.

The Right Perspective
The Right Perspective 0 months

I suppose there are no plans to ban subjecting minors to gender conversion under the guise of treatment.

Jon 0 months

Yes! Absolutely ban coercive efforts to change someone's gender identity against their will. There are miles of distance between someone wondering 'if' they might be, and experimenting, and saying "I have decided that I am ", and the reality of conversion therapy where others tell the subject "you are such and such", or "you must stop being so and so". I believe that anyone, including a parent, who tries to compel someone into therapy intended to change their gender, should be guilty of a felony level hate crime. That's a human rights violation, that is.

nathan 0 months

For a minute i thought the UK was banning the alphabet group from manipulating others to become part of their soup....but i guess that would align with biology and science...

Zeal 0 months

Ifk what conversion therapy is but I hope this is referring to that sex change shit.

Seekster 0 months

Now ban gender change therapy for minors.

Shane 0 months

I'm happy there's a move away from the "encouragement" philosophy of the woke left, however I think it goes too far to ban conversion completely. I think consenting adults should be free to convert as long as they're given a full explanation of the risks and any alternatives, and their actions aren't affecting others. As for minors, I don't think they should be subjected to anything that teaches or celebrates gender nonconformity, and of course anything that aims to undermine it. This should be left up to parents to decide. One final thing: For those who transition, please identify yourselves as such in any sexual affairs where it may not be obvious 😅 (..who else fears an encounter like this?)

Patty 0 months

Totally agree

eclipseNF 0 months

Ban gender conversion

jon 0 months

Oh yeah, can't have competition with transgender conversion therapy, can we? Man, the UK is such a sad joke these days.

Not-Illuminati 0 months

I hadn't considered that this was still officially a thing in Western countries.

Beef Testosterone
Beef Testosterone 0 months


Dave 0 months

Converting to or converting from?

Haven Mallow
Haven Mallow 0 months


Tetelestai 0 months

the problem isn't forcing someone to change. the problem is sin. and we all sin. what they need I a revelation of Yahshua HaMachia.

Faittastic 0 months

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