Carville hits back at Sanders after criticism

Carville hits back at Sanders after criticism

Democratic strategist James Carville has fired back at Sen. Sanders after Sanders dismissed him as a ’political hack’. ’I am a political hack! I am not an ideologue. I am not a purist’, Carville said in response adding, ’At least I’m not a communist’. Earlier Carville had cast doubts on Sanders’ electability.

Dips**t Don Sarcasm
Dips**t Don Sarcasm 4 months

Gotta love Bernie when the best insult anyone has is "communist"

michael zubas
michael zubas 4 months

Carville is NeoLiberal AF. No point to care about A man that only cares about money.

Up 4 months

I love watching Dems eat each other.

Craig 4 months

Carville doesn't understand democratic socialism????? What??? Communism?... wow! Every political Scientist in the world just wrote him off until the end of time.

Carol 4 months

Carville isn't for the people, Bernie is! Who cares "what" Carville" thinks or says, but his cronies.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 4 months

Bernie 2020

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