tcklemygooch 1 weeks

when are we going to be honest with ourselves and realize that flying is just a faster Greyhound bus

Orion Dakota
Orion Dakota 1 weeks

If my seat has a reclining function then you better bet that im going to use it. The fact that supposedly 4 in 10 think its rude to recline YOUR OWN SEAT is a fine indication of how retarded and easily offended people have become. Ive been in the last row and not been able to recline however i wasnt irrationally upset at the person in front of me for wanting to be slightly more comfortable. Also im not an overgrown baby...

themdg 1 weeks

haha... Airlines pretending that their nickel/dime sardine tactics are something for their passengers to solve. How dare you complain about this baby seat we put you in?! Prediction: see that space under the seat in front of you where you put your feet or bag? That will cost you $20 next year.

Josh 1 weeks

What a POS.

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