ACLU to ask federal court to block Trump’s border wall funding transfers

ACLU to ask federal court to block Trump’s border wall funding transfers

The ACLU said Thursday that it will ask a federal court to block President Trump’s additional border wall funding transfers. This comes after the administration declared it would redirect $3.8 billion from the Pentagon to the wall. The suit is disputing the constitutionality of the president’s ability to redirect funding for the wall after Congress had rejected the money in the federal budget.

bobby_5150 2 months

Who else is old enough to fondly remember the 4 1/2 minutes that the ACLU actually believed civil liberties?

Sid Barras
Sid Barras 2 months

I think the final paragraph should have been first. “The Supreme Court has ruled that Trump could continue using the funds...”

Crimson Jester
Crimson Jester 2 months

Good luck with that

WWG1WGA 2 months


Joo Radley
Joo Radley 2 months

Another empty social messaging move doomed to failure. Why does the left *do* this all the time--picking losing fights again and again, its demoralizing to the people they attempt to advocate for. If you live in a community ravaged by meth, coke, pills and all the heinous garbage that flows over the border, you can clearly see the need to shut down that border. There was half a billion dollars worth of cocaine seized last week off a boat trying to skirt the border wall. Legal immigration is badass, I personally know folks from Guatemala that have made it here that are incredible and wonderful people, but I live in a town that has been destroyed by the drugs that get here from South America. It is what it is people, we need that wall to slow things down and help the problem become manageable again.

Jen From Twitter
Jen From Twitter 2 months

Hooray stop this evil man and his evil plan through any means necessary!

Craig 2 months

stop Trump? he owns Congress, supreme court, lower federal courts, the federal reserve, even the intelligence community want to date him and have his babies... dictator trump owns them all...

space ghost
space ghost 2 months

If a dem beats Trump do you think they will tear down the whole thing? Or is this just away to attack Trump?

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