Rhode Island Governor and AG call for new gun control laws

Rhode Island Governor and AG call for new gun control laws

Rhode Island’s Democratic governor and AG pushed state lawmakers to pass a group of bills to help curb gun violence. Gov. Gina Raimondo and Attorney General Peter Neronha held an event to discuss eight gun control bills they’re supporting.

David Silverstone
David Silverstone 1 months

They won't stop. They know the statistics, they know they are lying, they know what they are doing and they know you won't do anything about it.

not the 1%
not the 1% 1 months

Hey poor Americans!! See what the government does to poor unarmed people all over the globe?? This could be u!!! Now, if u would be soooo kind as to hand in your guns??

Innerparty 1 months

I just ignore gun grabber laws.

bobby_5150 1 months

If the House wants to see real abuse of power, they need look no further then Virginia and Rhode Island.

No Signal
No Signal 1 months

I'm going to have to agree. That state is to small to safely fire a slingshot. We don't want cross border killings.

not the 1%
not the 1% 1 months

Tooooo many poor people here have guns..... And we keep fucking poor people,,,, they will eventually flip their shit..... We. Need Gun Laws Now!! Civil war anyone? ANYONE??? FUCK THEY ARE SCARED LOL

Gradient Flow
Gradient Flow 1 months

Here's the link to the Annual Gun Law Scorecard which this article is based on: https://lawcenter.giffords.org/scorecard/#IL Link to the stats used for the report: https://lawcenter.giffords.org/facts/gun-violence-statistics/ The data is definitely biased and should be treated with skepticism. "Of the 36,383 Americans killed with guns each year, 22,274 are gun suicides (61%), 12,830 are gun homicides (35%), 496 are law enforcement shootings (1.4%), and 487 are unintentional shootings (1.3%)" 1. It's very disingenuous to lump gun suicides with gun homicides. It implies that if the gun was not available, the person would not have committed suicide, which is a ridiculous argument. A better solution would be address what drives people to suicide in the first place, but this is a complex issue and politicians are too lazy for that. 2. Gun homicides is a valid stat to use in the debate over gun rights/control. But this report does not go into detail regarding how existing laws effect this data. For example, it's illegal for a felon to own a gun. How many of these gun homicides were committed by a felon using a gun? This is the area of gun violence that needs actual research instead of just making more laws that criminals won't follow anyways. 3. Law enforcement shootings are an unfortunate part of having law enforcement. There are cases of unjustified use of deadly force, but based on what I've seen (this is an opinion), the majority of law enforcement shootings occur when a suspect resists arrest or refuses to obey the police. 4. Unintentional shootings are an unfortunate part of having readily available firearms. Safety training should be an important part of gun ownership. It is worth noting that 487 unintentional shootings each year in a country of 329 million people (https://www.census.gov/popclock/) and 393 million firearms (https://tinyurl.com/yakebzrf), is statistically insignificant.

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