US brings new charges against Chinese tech giant Huawei

US brings new charges against Chinese tech giant Huawei

The US Justice Department has added new criminal charges against Chinese tech giant Huawei, accusing the company of stealing trade secrets and helping Iran track protesters. The new indictment also alleges that Huawei sought to conceal business that it was doing in North Korea despite economic sanctions there. The company disputed the allegations calling them ’without merit.’

Jim Boi
Jim Boi 2 months

I’m so shocked/s

Prodigal Liberal
Prodigal Liberal 2 months

I love China. I love Huawei. (typed on a Huawei phoney).

..... 2 months

That's why huawei said they had ip stolen, oldest trick in the book. Play victim for the crime you did. Just like commie democrats.

ICblades 2 months

I would like proof but think that even if this is true they will never jail anyone over it

Carol 2 months

Greed is behind it all; just look at who's leading this country!

Randy Souse-Git
Randy Souse-Git 2 months

😏 Every blow to Huawei is good for my Nokia stock. I know which dog to bet on in this fight. 🐶

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