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German economy stagnating

German economy stagnating

Germany has reported zero growth in the fourth quarter and a mediocre 0.6% increase for the whole year 2019. With this, all the three biggest economies in Europe stagnated or shrank in the last three months of the year - France saw a contraction of 0.1% while Italy shrank 0.3%.

pseudo 6 months

yeah but brexit bad mmkay

Marcus Rogers
Marcus Rogers 6 months

Wamp wampppp, so much for brexit ruining the UK...

Gucci Swag B
Gucci Swag B 6 months

I thought that the mass immigration would make Germany rich? I guess they haven’t gotten enough immigration yet to get the full benefits from it....

Up 6 months

But muh diversity is muh stremf.

Jim Boi
Jim Boi 6 months

Oh not so easy having to support thousands of people who don’t have you culture is it?

Dr. Ötker
Dr. Ötker 6 months

As a German it's sad that the economy isn't growing, but I'm glad that it's leading to dissatisfaction among the citizens and atleast a change in power. Hopefully to the right

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 6 months

EU has been trending down in GDP for the last three years but NYT wants to blame the corona virus. I remember when the NYT was a newspaper.

Alex 6 months

Hm... Imagine that. Leftist territories stagnating economically. It's almost like they're bad with money or something.

The Right Perspective
The Right Perspective 6 months

Bwahaha. The EU is a sinking ship and without the UK's money it is going to sink even faster.

AntiBS 6 months

Not surprising since it's PC, EC hugging, green extremist kissing and fiscally totally irresponsible idiots running those countries.

TehChuckles 6 months

And here it comes. without the Capitalist paypig in the mix, the socialist policies will Burden the EU and it's nations to a continent wide colapse. This is good bye Europian Union, Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehen, Adios, Arrivederci, La revedere, Tot ziens, Adjö, Farvel, Ha det bra, Żegnaj.

TheMadDane 6 months


..... 6 months

They did business with China. Can only be expected!

Doyaun Evans
Doyaun Evans 6 months

Here it comes. Recession. But maybe not.

PhreneticNI 6 months

What's the measure, though?

Jax Milovitch
Jax Milovitch 6 months

Hey but at least they going black ⛄️☃️🌈🌈🌈🌈 🤡

GreenPartyFTW 6 months

This bad news. In 2008 Greece's debt economy caused a downward spiral across the central banks that caused a worldwide recession. The same thing can happen in the U.S and worldwide soon.

Rational ific
Rational ific 6 months

Oh my God! If Brexit goes through, that's the end of...Germany?

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