Asteroid set to miss Earth tomorrow by 3 million miles

Asteroid set to miss Earth tomorrow by 3 million miles

NASA has reported a ’potentially hazardous’ asteroid is set to pass close by Earth around 6:05 EST on Feb 15th. Known affectionately as 163373(2002 PZ39), it is passing at 3 million miles from Earth (or 15x the Earth-Moon distance). If the asteroid did hit, it would have caused a nuclear winter-like effect.

Jacob 1 weeks

Question for the world-wide growing number of bible-based, science denialist Flat Earthers who say we live under a dome, and claim that our 'globe earth in space' knowledge is a NASA-based propaganda lie: What is the sinister plan behind THIS so-called fake news story?

The Facts Provider
The Facts Provider 1 weeks

Trumptards be like: blame socialism!

Jen From Twitter
Jen From Twitter 1 weeks

Too bad... This world could use a good reset button.

James Smith
James Smith 1 weeks

oh good, glad its missing us, had plans next week.

Up 1 weeks

Nice try fucker.

Sirax 1 weeks

our first project shouldent be colonizing mars, it should be creating an asteroid defence plan in space. a network of satalites powered by algorithims to search for earth killers and use lazers to push it further around us.

Aight Bradley
Aight Bradley 1 weeks

You're on the wrong app to get that crowd, buddy. My religion has plans to convert the aliens to Christ should they appear and not already have him ;P

The Cheshire
The Cheshire 1 weeks

Man we be playing chicken with astroids a bit too much😂

Julian 1 weeks

Da world GON’ end

Mystic 1 weeks

Perfect time to re-watch COHERENCE. If you have not seen it... check it out. First watch is a mind bender. 😱 enjoy

Grand Ol Propaganda
Grand Ol Propaganda 1 weeks

If only it'd land in Mar-a-lago

Hanuman Ishmael
Hanuman Ishmael 1 weeks

This is the universe's way to asking "How is that space program coming along?"

Mystic 1 weeks

Needs to crash into Earth.. time to start over anyways..

Joe Joyce
Joe Joyce 1 weeks

Damn another missed opportunity

Nando 1 weeks

Build a wall around earth

Indo 1 weeks

How do u figure a distance of that as a miss. Is it as large as a planet.

Dave 1 weeks

C'mon! Throw a fast one at us! You suck universe! No balls!

..... 1 weeks

We should use that israeli laser dome !!

Eric “Red” Ostlie
Eric “Red” Ostlie 1 weeks

Oh, it is JUST GOING TO MISS US BY 3 million miles!!! Haha haha! Well that ought to keep the alarmist under control! Where is ok’ Greta when you need another reason, “We all gonna die!” scenario about the earth!

Werli 1 weeks

colonize 👏 mars 👏 lmaoo

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