Delta will invest $1 billion to become first carbon-neutral airline

Delta will invest $1 billion to become first carbon-neutral airline

Delta Air plans to invest $1 billion over the next decade in initiatives that would limit the impact of global air travel on the environment. With this, Delta intends to become the first carbon-neutral airline globally while helping to fund research and projects involving clean air technologies. No details were provided on how it will invest the money.

IvoryDove 4 months

These stories are missing the motivation... It's presumed to be "good stewardship of our planet", but I'll bet it's "government subsidies". There's no practical motivation to hamstring your operation and raise your operating costs while your competitors don't. There must be a hidden motive. Government subsidies are the most likely reason.

Rocky 4 months

Spend a billion dollars to make no measurable impact on the environment? What is the motivation? Science has shown us that human influence is so low that removing all human influence would have a .01°c change over a 100 yr period. This move would represent a change of less than .000001°c over the next 100 yrs. How is that news worthy? As a matter of fact how is any of the climate change conspiracy theories news worthy? Alarmists have been around my whole life, but this time around they seem even more extreme.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 4 months

And how are you gonna do that? Ground your planes?

FirstCensorshipThenJail 4 months

can you say boondoggle. This is just a welfare program for the communist party and their tribe of lunatics that cannot even figure out if they are a boy or girl. funding to create mental illness and tulip industry bad idea.

Just_Saying 4 months

Anyone who thinks carbon based energy production is not going to give way to de-centralized non carbon energy production is probably a true believer in, and former business development planner for AOL.

Craig 4 months

finally some good news .. way to go Delta.

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