JP Morgan criticized for backtracking climate proposals

JP Morgan criticized for backtracking climate proposals

Shareholder activists focused on climate issues vowed to press proxy battles with JPMorgan after getting a cold reception from the bank. Activists said they had received notices that the bank has asked for regulatory permission to skip votes on proposals such as reporting on greenhouse gas emissions tied to its lending. ’They’re not walking their talk’, said president of As You Sow.

Roadhog 4 months

How dare you try to turn a profit for your shareholders!

Crimson Jester
Crimson Jester 4 months

Let's see, The US is the outright leader in emissions reductions on the planet... hmm seems what's good for business can be good for the world too

Up 4 months

Could it be there's no money in pandering to woke activists?

Rocky 4 months

Non-issue. Recent studies show human activities contribute all of .01°c per 100 yrs to increases in temperature. Attempting to influence the Earth's climate by changing human factors is like trying to stop the Earth's rotation by having everyone fart in one direction.

TheMadDane 4 months

Goddamn that dude is one ugly looking mfer.

anthony 4 months

Unless it's to ratify an independent auditor I always vote against all the board of director proposals on my proxys. They seem to have an issue with transparency.

Craig 4 months

Don't just look at one example of flouting climate responsibility from those with the power to do great harm or great good on a whim... look at EVERY example. It is always an either or questions... it is sad that so often the polluting route is the entrenched, tick in the skin.

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