Widow of slain Chicago Police Cmdr. sues gun website

Widow of slain Chicago Police Cmdr. sues gun website

The widow of Paul Bauer, the slain Chicago Police Cmdr. sued the website that used to sell the gun which was tied to the murder of her husband. The 9mm Glock pistol was sold on Armslist.com, one of the largest online gun marketplaces of the country. The gun was used by four time felon Shomari Legghette.

Tom A
Tom A
npc8472 1 weeks

A site that facilitates private sale of firearms allowed a person to buy a gun that he then sold on the black market....and they are sueing for monetary benefits. Sounds like shit to me. And before someone comes at me with blue lives matter...I agree. My brother is a cop, but this kind of crap charging the business with the crime of doing business with someone who commits a crime is retarded. I will forever say so.

Carisa D
Carisa D 1 weeks

Here’s a thought! Why don’t you go after the guy that actually shot your husband? Oh... he doesn’t have any money... that’s right.

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 1 weeks

From all I can find, the gun was legally sold from one person to the next through the right channels. Only later did the gun turn up in the hands of a felon!

Jeff 1 weeks

Never let a good tragedy go to waste.

IvoryDove 1 weeks

So... I sell someone a car and they sell it to someone else who uses it to drive into a crowd of schoolchildren... I am to blame? Guns aren't evil. They are a tool that can be used for defense or evil purposes, but the person who does evil is the problem.

Up 1 weeks

Shot by a four time felon in Chicago. Sues website.

Michael Mantion
Michael Mantion 1 weeks

ha... I'm sorry that's like blaming craigslist because someone bought a car on Craig's list then drives into a crowd of people.

Mr. Spartacus
Mr. Spartacus 1 weeks

That’s like saying Home Depot was responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing a cause they didn’t properly vet their fertilizer sales

Crimson Jester
Crimson Jester 1 weeks

So in a car wreck, where the driver purposely aims at bystanders, and you sue the car manufacture.

Fin 1 weeks

Take em to the bank

Spartan Life
Spartan Life 1 weeks

This is why we need to allow for the prosecution of indivisos who sell guns used in crimes. No one is gonna be selling a 9mm to their shit head cousin devandrius if they have a reasonable fear that his shit bagarry will blow back on them when he shoots someone.

Ben B.
Ben B. 1 weeks

Remember, shall not be infringed. This cop should lose his job trying to take people's 2A rights like that

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