De Blasio endorses Sanders for president

De Blasio endorses Sanders for president

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has thrown his support behind Sen. Sanders’ presidential campaign on Friday. ’I am standing with Bernie because he stands with working families, and always has’, de Blasio said. He touted Bernie to take down President Trump, calling out Trump for ’xenophobia, bigotry and recklessness’.

Watheverable GRAMPS
Watheverable GRAMPS 4 months

The kiss of death.

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 4 months

Not an endorsement anybody would want...

Jim Pickens
Jim Pickens 4 months

Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders, has never publicly stated his opinion on child pornography. Is it because he’s hiding something? Would you want a child pornographer voting on your nations laws? Would you trust your children’s future to someone like that? That’s why I’m voting Donald Trump, the candidate who is committed to locking up child pornographers.

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