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Dems defeat McConnell amendment to sweeping election bill

Dems defeat McConnell amendment to sweeping election bill

The Senate Rules and Administration Committee Tuesday defeated an amendment from Senate Minority Leader McConnell to Democrats’ sweeping elections bill. McConnell’s amendments aimed at keeping the FEC at six members rather than five. It’s unlikely that the For the People Act will pass the Senate in its current form, given the unified GOP opposition.

Daniel 1 months

“For the people act” What a freaking joke.

Seekster 1 months

An attempt by the Democratic Party to consolidate power and make sure that only members of the political class can become President.

Aleks 1 months

We need to end minority rule

Randy 1 months

Doesn't the constitution say the states are to make the laws on voting?

LoveMyCats 1 months

Blessed are the we with my man Joe at the helm!

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