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Kobach says he discussed his Senate bid with Trump

Kobach says he discussed his Senate bid with Trump

Former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach has said he discussed his GOP Senate bid with President Trump during a recent White House visit. Kobach said he did not ask Trump to endorse him but that the president has not ruled out declaring his support for the Senate campaign. A source confirmed that Trump has met with Kobach and Rep. Roger Marshall, who is also running for the Senate seat.

Skeptic 7 months

He ran Trump's Voter Integrity Commission that failed to document any fraudulent votes supposed to have been cast in 2016 despite having the resources of the U.S. government.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 7 months

Ann Coulter has a hard on for this guy -- that works for me, but I don't live in Kansas so it doesn't matter.

anthony 7 months

In order to succeed in Kansas as a Democrat you have to be a Republican.

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