NYPD arrests second teen in connection to murder of Tessa Majors

NYPD arrests second teen in connection to murder of Tessa Majors

New York police have arrested another teenager in the stabbing death of Tessa Majors, a Barnard College student who died in December after she was mugged in a Manhattan park.

Alex Almeida
Alex Almeida
IvoryDove 1 months

The Democrats want the perpetrators of this crime to be able to vote. That's where we are folks.

SmokeWizard 303
SmokeWizard 303 1 months

Why are they failing to describe the ‘teen’ you ask? I guarantee with 100% certainty the ‘teen’ was black. Apparently it’s now taboo to point things out like that. I hate this PC BS.

Filthy Casual
Filthy Casual 1 months

Rashaun Weaver is the black youth in custody for this crime since none of the articles wasnted to include that info

Jay 1 months

Arrest his parents and make them watch as his hands are removed! Scumbags

Just An Opinion
Just An Opinion 1 months


not the 1%
not the 1% 1 months

Pretty sure he saw her selling single cigarettes, and NOT paying her taxes...

Kristin 1 months

The black community has a parenting problem and they refuse to admit fit. Raise your kids with morals, love, and respect, they will not end up with their graduation picture in the papers and mom declaring, “he was good boy!

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