Sonic the Hedgehog is worth taking the kids to watch

Sonic the Hedgehog is worth taking the kids to watch

Sonic will take you back to the memories of Sega in their prime. The film hints at many video game references like music, special moves, and the famous final boss experience. The movie Sonic does have a relationship in it between a man and women, but it doesn’t take away from the friend-like spin between Sonic and Tom(James Marsden).

christine hancock
christine hancock 1 months

Just saw the movie this evening. I am not exactly reccomending this movie; but if you complained with the rest of the Famdom Menace about the horrible character design, show Paramount a little bit of appreciation. For a rush fix, they did a good job. It's a flick to the takes the kiddos to see. They will have fun, it's a colorful escape from politics, and there are plenty of laugh out loud antics. If you are going in hoping for Oscar level acting, great characters, and an air tight story, you will be woefully dissapointed. This is a movie that really is meant for the people who grew up playing video games and watching Jim Carey movies, who now have children. It doesn't attempt to be anything more than a family friendly movie.

Jax Milovitch
Jax Milovitch 1 months

It’ll shit all over birds of prey though 🌶

Seekster 1 months

I hope it makes its money back. It was never going to be a good movie but I think it deserves a lot of credit for going back and fixing Sonic.

npc8472 1 months

It's a kids movie that doesn't put any effort into cultural issues. It has goofy scense and heart warming scenes. Decent straitforward story and a character redesign that's not strait out of a nightmare. Makes for a good end product.

The Biggest Bird
The Biggest Bird 1 months

It has S A N I C

christine hancock
christine hancock 1 months

It's nice to take the kiddos to a family friendly movie that is not attempting to be anything else.

Skunktank 1 months

Good for a video game movie. Jim Carrey was the only funny one

TehChuckles 1 months

Well we all already know it is not as bad as it COULD of been.

John Wilson
John Wilson 1 months

Democrats called a group  'QUEERS AGAINST PETE' homophobes for interrupting a fundraiser. so I guess the homophobe smear is just an automatic go-to with these people. it's mindless cult activity.

Dawlben 1 months

So most people think it is a good movie?

Watcher 1 months

According to da intawebs of things, it made back it's costs on opening night, the pre screening was only 3 million. I think the news is trying to tank it by saying it's a flop.

michael zubas
michael zubas 1 months

I hope it does well.

TrumpBumperCar 1 months

I heard it's apparently good?

Rational ific
Rational ific 1 months

It was a good movie. I supported it due to the fact that I'm an old school Sonic fan and the makers of this listened to us after the atrocity of the first trailer. I think it's more fun than most modern-day Disney and Pixar movies, and certainly more than the very childish "Minions" movies and such. I think that all ages can enjoy it for what it is...a fun, new introduction to Sonic, who has never looked or acted better in 3D form.

No Signal
No Signal 1 months

This should be in tech .

Jim Boi
Jim Boi 1 months

In other news furries lead ticket buying for movies this weekend

Joshua Green
Joshua Green 1 months

It was a decent film that my whole family enjoyed and I look forward to the sequel. At its core was protecting those you care about which is a positive message. Also the hero had to earn their status through challenges and failure before success which is more credible. It was designed for kids but doesn’t insult the intelligence of adults, the director even listened to fans when they gave us an awful rendition last year of Sonic for a trailer and made him more like the Sega version.

Aight Bradley
Aight Bradley 1 months

I liked the tribe of Ugandan Knuckles at the beginning.

Glenn 1 months

It sucked I saw it.

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 1 months

its not a stigma if its fact

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