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Pneumonia forces early end to Elton John concert

Pneumonia forces early end to Elton John concert

Sir Elton John was forced to cut short a concert in New Zealand after falling ill with walking pneumonia. The musician, 72, was performing at the Mount Smart Stadium in Auckland on Sunday evening as part of his global farewell tour when he lost his voice and began crying on stage.The audience gave him a rapturous ovation as he walked gingerly off stage, helped by several assistants.

Phlog 6 months

Hope he'll be ok. love his music

James 6 months

best wishes for you Elton get recovered quickly get back on stage where you belong we love you music

Tabi's 6 months

I wish him all the best. He is the reason I wanted to learn the piano and a living legend.

David Silverstone
David Silverstone 6 months

Heres hoping this is it.

Matrim Helmsgaard (Mrperrific)
Matrim Helmsgaard (Mrperrific) 6 months

Isn't pneumonia one of the side effects of Corona? hope he'll be ok

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