Anti Dairy industry protesters disrupt Sanders campaign rally

Anti Dairy industry protesters disrupt Sanders campaign rally

The presidential campaign rally of Senator Bernie Sanders was interrupted on Sunday. The rally, which was taking place in Nevada, was interrupted by anti-dairy industry protesters. The protesters were pleading to ’Let Dairy Die’, and also requested the Vermont Senator to stop ’propping up animal agriculture’.

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 4 months

you reap what you sow, Bernie Sanders has gone out of his way to court these type of people and when given opportunity to disavow these people he doesn't.

Occam’s lazer
Occam’s lazer 4 months

I enjoy the facial expressions of the Democrat party on the thumbnails of these types of articles, schiff always looks like he’s psychotic, Biden always looks like he’s grandpa Simpson, pelosi always looks like the poster child of Mexican plastic surgery, Bernie looks like he’s the 90 year old communist version of a quirky e-girl. Change my mind

Jon 4 months

Bernie on the protestors: "a little extra excitement at no extra cost" 💪Bernie💪 D'n't let a few nut jobs distract from the message.

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