Peach grower awarded $265 million from Bayer, BASF

Peach grower awarded $265 million from Bayer, BASF

A Missouri jury has awarded $265 million to peach grower Bill Bader in his lawsuit against herbicide providers Bayer and BASF. Bader sued the companies saying his 1,000-acre orchard was irreparably harmed by the herbicide they produce, which drifted onto its trees from nearby farms. Both companies expressed disappointment over the verdict.

anthony 1 months

Organic and Certified organic growers spend a lot of time and money making sure their land and products are free from insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc... To have big AG act in an irresponsible way can be devastating to these small farms. This should send the message that if they don't act in a more responsible way they will pay.

Michael Mantion
Michael Mantion 1 months

that is messed up. Companies sold a legal and arguably safe product. some other company uses the product, the overspray drifts to some guys farm and he is awarded 15 million dollars in damages and 250 million in punitive damages. so if my neighbor paints their house I can claim the vapors from the paint harmed me and sue the company who makes the paint. I'm sorry but that jury got it wrong. you have to prove damages. if this doesn't get reversed on appeal it will only encourage more baseless lawsuits.

Fin 1 months

Good... One for the farmer

Jay 1 months

Us farmers need to stand their ground even if it means becoming violent! The herbicide is directly connected to Monsanto and 250million is a half of drop in the bucket for these killer crooks.

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