Apple issues earnings warning amid coronavirus scare

Apple issues earnings warning amid coronavirus scare

Apple has issued a revision to its prior financial forecast saying it does not expect to meet the revenue guidance provided for the March quarter due to impacts stemming from the coronavirus. China accounted for 15% of Apple’s revenue last quarter. In late January, Apple had forecast $63 billion to $67 billion in revenue for the quarter ending in March. No new revenue estimate was provided.

mantico 4 months

So does they mean Apple will fire 20% of its work force and give its executives bonuses and shareholders more dividends?

Billy 4 months

Move labor from China to Vietnam. Here's a thought, to America! problem fixed.

Up 4 months

Oh no, all of their slave labor has been taken away.

..... 4 months


Lord Flasheart
Lord Flasheart 4 months

Oh My God. Shit just got real!

bobby_5150 4 months

I hear sweatshops are great vectors for these types of viruses.

Craig 4 months

Great externality of terrible disease... stopping Apple sweat shops.

..... 4 months

They are arresting chinese for even forgetting their community cards now. Police forces have been more than doubled. Social unrest has begun. Talk of the 拘留 (detention camps) has resurfaced in mainstream online talk. None of you can quite comprehend how bad things are going to get in China. The Ccp is freaking the fuck out right now. It's about to get a whole lot worse. Public accounts of coronavirus have been completely skewed now (just like forbes stock market graphs or Chinese historian graphs on population growth in 1950s and 1960s.) complete propaganda and silencing. The govt has been hoarding masks and other resources for itself. (I can confirm now all pharmacies were told to stop selling as soon as this began and the ones who did at a markup to make some dough were heavily punished. Basically the police forces confiscated the few materials whole shop owners tried to keep themselves a stash.) Ccp WILL tell it's people this was America's fault and the people WILL have to go along with it and convince themselves it's true. This is partly why the sudden draconian curtain has fallen. Any company related to China should be shorted (when depending on production chain delay time). This will send China gdp to roughly the levels of japan and Germany (although Germany will soon slip to India's level.) All those flag waving Chinese are going into stockholm mode now (it is part of their deeper brainwashing education; essentially they have been spiritually castrated to feel helpless and not lash out at their overlord even though they feel something wrong in what's left of their shredded souls. ) As much as I loathe evil and ignorant Chinese, the ones soon to be granted refugee status in light of the humanitarian horrors should be closely watched but sympathized with in the sense that they should be saved from going back to that hellhole. On condition that they renounce China, the communist party, and their Chinese heritage(this is very important for it is used as a deep root to mind control in ccp education that they are a deep root unlike the rest of the world) as well as pledge their allegiance to western society and to further humanity, that China is indeed the cancer of the world and must learn to repent for its sins (as well as release 9 dash line nonsense, taiwan, hong kong, tibet, xingjiang, inner mongolia, senkaku islands, etc.) what any refugee should have to do anyway... For it is tough but fair love we must preach and practice. China is pure evil however even on thedark beast a few flakes of light exist. It is only fair to give those flakes a chance. Amen. To all westerners, start preparing masks and supplies. You WILL thank me later as this virus spreads and mutates. Remember, millions of Chinese are in Africa and it is has begun to spread. May god protect us from what is to come. This WILL in all likelyhood surpass the Spanish flu (which was also started in China.) It is not racist anything I just said. It is the truth.

BumperCar 4 months

They are running out of sweatshops?

IIZard 4 months

It's coronavirus, not our terrible products or repair policies!

Fin 4 months

Wouldn't have this problem if the products were made in usa

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