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Liz Cheney strikes defiant tone in floor speech ahead of expected ouster

Liz Cheney strikes defiant tone in floor speech ahead of expected ouster

Rep. Cheney delivered a fiery floor speech on the eve of her expected ouster from House GOP leadership. Cheney made clear in her floor speech that she isn’t backing down against former President Trump. ’Remaining silent and ignoring the lie emboldens the liar. I will not participate in that,’ Cheney said. She accused Trump of being on a ’crusade to undermine our democracy.’

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 1 months

Good for you Liz. Now it's time for you to learn to code.

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 1 months

Coming from the same women whose father did some of the most evil and horrible things when he was in office both as a congressman and as vice president under Bush.

Taurus 1 months

@T It’s crazy how backward you have it. Truly sad. Oh no, Trump is a bully, so what!? Politics is a nasty game, that’s why people want a raging bull like Trump “fighting” for them in the front lines. You keep trying to portray him as an authoritarian, but he is not even close to it. The fact that Trump get so much hate and smears from msm and most of the establishment is great. It indicates that he is rattling the right nests. Cheney is the swamp creature and should be removed from any kind of power. Her morality consists of neocon values and loyalty to the elites like herself. Not that there is something wrong with being rich or in the elites, but the current GOP establishment is completely detached from what regular republican voters want. Luckily, they finally lost the control of the party all thanks to Trump. No wonder they keep spitting poison everywhere like the snakes they are. And as for Matt Gaetz, what he did wrong is continuously public ally criticize the intelligence agencies and FBI in particular. Deep state no likey, so we now have this attack on him. I am quite sure it’s mostly fabricated. So far it has been all smoke trying to see how many will yell ‘fire’. With how many completely false allegations there were in the past few years, I wouldn’t put much weight to this one until I see something concrete. And no, a letter from Daily Beast that is not available publicly and that alleges that Gaetz’s associate handwritten a confessional letter to ask for a pardon is not anywhere close to concrete evidence.

Shono 1 months

Stfu Liz

good4you 1 months

If republicans have been saying ccp is lying and propagandising, why are they following the same path?

Andreas 1 months

This is not about partisanship. Trump is neither a Republican nor a Democrat. He is an authoritarian populist with the sole intention to enrich himself and destroying the institutions in the US is the easiest way to get there.

VI Trotsky
VI Trotsky 1 months

Cancel culture is out of control with conservatives. Why are right wingers so triggered over everything.

CJHMDM 1 months

Buh bye, Karen. Go join the democrats

Matt 0 months

Bye Felicia. I mean Liz.

Class Capt
Class Capt 1 months

Why is she deflecting ?

O'Brien 1 months

C ya toots

Faittastic 1 months

Lol good riddance

TheRef 1 months

And this is why the republicans party is incompetent. We have a gas crisis, a crisis at the border, and massive inflation that going to hit because of wreckless spending. But no instead of talking about that. Chaney and Kizingler want to make it about them and talk about trump when they really should be talking about stuff that effecting voters in both red and blue areas.

Hollowhammer 1 months

Bye Liz

Erich 1 months

As a conservative and small ‘l’ libertarian, I agree with Liz Cheney in regards to President Trump. There are many things about Trump I agree with, and probably many things about Cheney I disagree with. But Trump’s bombastic demeanor will not get him re-elected next time. He did tons of good things for this country. But we need a better candidate to defeat the Democrat/Socialists.

T 1 months

Most Republicans want her out of her position as House Republican Conference Chair and out of the party altogether. Several GOP reps have said they don’t have confidence in Cheney’s ability to do her job. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has stopped appearing with her in public. The writing is on the wall. Predictably, Cheney’s moral stand has drawn praise. Fellow Never-Trumpers believe she’s continuing their fight, standing up for what’s right and good about conservatism. Many liberals have called Cheney courageous and praised her conviction in standing up to Trump’s lies and party rule. As Republicans continue targeting her, she receives more and more sympathy. And Cheney deserves none of it. There’s nothing wrong with giving Cheney props in a vacuum, of course. That the GOP has continued clinging to Trumpism after he left the White House is alarming. Elected officials still indulge his lies and attempt to subvert democracy in his service. Cheney’s actions are laudable in that she’s not partaking in the Republican Party’s current sycophantic authoritarian turn. She’s standing up to a bully, one of the worst political bullies America has ever known, and that’s something anyone can appreciate regardless of party affiliation. But that framing absolves Cheney of being a member of that party and benefitting from its foundational rot. The GOP’s hyper-nationalist xenophobia and othering didn’t start with Trump. The Bush administration laid the groundwork for the Republican Party of today, and Liz Cheney was smack in the middle of it. She served in the State Department during the mid-2000s and helped intentionally escalate tensions with Iran and Syria. She later rose to prominence off her father’s name and espoused the same filth he did. Cheney holds roughly all the same views on immigration, abortion, American imperialism, and [insert issue here] as any other Republican politician. She even denounced same sex marriage while running for Congress in 2013, effectively throwing her sister Mary into the fire for personal gain. Like everything else, Cheney viewed her rebuke to Trump as an opportunity to gain political capital and power, not a cross to die on. That sort of saps whatever moralistic conviction she believes is driving her blind faith in conservative principles or whatever it is she’s fighting for at this point. We know now that Cheney is off base. At the very least she’s not powerful or convincing enough to kick Republicans’ Trump habit. As the party pushes her out and boos Mitt Romney in Utah, Trump lackey Matt Gaetz is receiving a virtual pass for salacious (and potentially criminal) behavior. The juxtaposition is ironic, since Gaetz has been one of Cheney’s loudest condemners and even held a rally against her in her home state. Cheney and Romney hedged their bets, thinking other elected Republicans and the party base would go along with them. But this is the Republican Party now. Really, this is what the Republican Party has always been. Cheney had a hand in shaping it before it went off the rails, whether she realizes it or not. There’s no saving whatever she thinks the GOP is supposed to stand for. Standing up to a bully is admirable enough, but it doesn’t have much potency when your only real issue with the bully is aesthetic. What Cheney’s doing might be better than nothing, but it’s still the bare minimum. It’s not worth praising.

Darin 1 months

Trying to go out as a martyr

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