Kent State ’gun girl’ confronted by protesters at Ohio University

Kent State ’gun girl’ confronted by protesters at Ohio University

Gun-rights activist Kaitlin Bennett was confronted by protesters during her visit to Ohio University Monday. A video she posted on Twitter showed a crowd of students yelling and throwing drinks at her car. ’This is what happens when a Trump supporter goes to a college campus,’ she said. ’I think @realDonaldTrump should strip funding from universities like this that harbor terrorists.’

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 1 months

gotta love that tolerance with a dose of double standards

Seekster 1 months

That's hot.

Sothensloth 1 months

I'm from kent. I'm right leaning as well but shes a cunt. Watch some of her vids on YouTube. she doesn't start conversations, she tries to push people to have gotcha moments. I had a gay libertarian roommate and she was rude af trying to make him into some crazy libtard. The dudes the kindest person I know. Obviously the protesters went too far and should be punished. Throwing drinks and the like is out of line. But I'd be lying if I said I felt sorry for her.

Kyle G
Kyle G 1 months

This girl is confronted and harassed on the daily, how is this news? Also she puts herself in the situations the majority of the time so she can’t complain and play the big victim either.

mantico 1 months

She likes the attention and starting conflict, looking for sound bites to use.

Gradient Flow
Gradient Flow 1 months

I'm pleasantly surprised that all the linked articles state she was carrying an AR-10 and not just an "assault rifle".

Fonky Munk
Fonky Munk 1 months

Lmfao they gave her a pack of diapers😂😂😂😂😂😂 //tps://yo/

yuckycrumpet 1 months

Ban Assault Diapers!

elimination chamber
elimination chamber 1 months

oh God what is that thing. she looks like sloth from the Goonies only retarded Southerners would be attracted to that

Mat McKenzie
Mat McKenzie 1 months

When your first amendment rights are confronted by others first amendment rights. Definitely terrorism, Mr Trump..

little 1 months

What a complete idiot. And the media keeps reporting her stunts. a concealed handgun is a far cry from what this crazy is sporting.

Harrison 1 months

College student in Ohio here... she doesn’t just stand up for gun rights or advocate for her political beliefs – she comes to college campuses to provoke people and ask pointless questions for her click-bait youtube videos. Everyone’s fed up with her antics, and she’s riding on her ability to attract attention on the internet. I’m cool with conservative students and conservative people coming through making videos at colleges. But she’s all about stunts and let’s be real she’s very unlikeable.

Fin 1 months

Dime to a dollar some one from behind her could take her weapon... Guns are not fashion statements

Dan 1 months

she realizes that she's the terrorist, right? Provacaturism IS terrorism used to make you look like a victim.

Matthew 1 months

Ha Terrorists!! got em!!

william 1 months

I understand all that but they harbor terrorists?

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