School calls cops after child with Down syndrome points finger gun at teacher

School calls cops after child with Down syndrome points finger gun at teacher

A woman in Pennsylvania has called on the Tredyffrin-Easttown School District to update its threat assessment policy after a school called the police on her daughter for making a gun gesture. Officials concluded there wasn’t a threat after the 6-year-old with Down Syndrome made a gun gesture at her teacher and pretended to shoot her. The incident occurred in November.

christine hancock
christine hancock 1 months

Incompetance is when you and everyone above you needs to call the police for advice about what to do when a kindergartener pretends to shoot you with a fingergun. If your threshold for risk tolerance is so low, you are in the wrong line of work, and you shouldn be trusted to count change, much less teach children how that's done. You really make teachers look bad and drive that push for private and homeschooling.

Joo Radley
Joo Radley 1 months

Be tougher America! School called the cops on 6 year old girl with down syndrome for making a hand gesture! Imagine how humiliating this feels for everyone involved--first and foremost the incompetant teacher, then that poor little girl and her parents, the ridiculous feeling school staff--even the cops that had to show up for such an absurd cat-in-a-tree call. This is a clarion call for better funding of public schools--we need to be paying teachers enough money to keep the competant people, and attract more of the same instead of entry level poorly trained semi-volunteers.

Daddy Tito
Daddy Tito 1 months

The vast majority of teachers are very, very, very bad at their jobs. They really need to get their shit together.

Bryce Schniers
Bryce Schniers 1 months

public schools are a fucking disaster. every one is so spineless and intolerant about the stupidest things. when I was in high school an admin heard me joke about killing myself, so she called the cops and had me committed involuntary for 3 days. not even my parents could do anything about it, not even sue

Leo City Wrestling
Leo City Wrestling 1 months

This looks to be common in public schools,to ask: does this occur in private institutions

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