Trump threatens lawsuits over Mueller probe

Trump threatens lawsuits over Mueller probe

President Trump has suggested he may file lawsuits over the outcome of former special counsel Mueller’s investigation. ’If I wasn’t President, I’d be suing everyone all over the place. BUT MAYBE I STILL WILL’, Trump tweeted. It’s unclear on what grounds the president could sue over Mueller’s findings. The tweet came amid a series of others as Trump lashed out over the trial of Roger Stone.

Fin 1 months

Hope so that means discovery

Jon 1 months

Trump threatening to sue someone has become breaking news? 🙄 He threatens lawsuits all the time but is too big of a pussy to go through with them, like all the women who claim they were sexual assaulted by him. He threatened lawsuits for all of them.

Craig 1 months

And he can win... he owns Washington now.

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