Johnson’s adviser who voiced support for eugenics has resigned

Johnson’s adviser who voiced support for eugenics has resigned

A new adviser to Boris Johnson resigned on Monday amid growing criticism over his past comments around eugenics. In a 2014 post, Andrew Sabisky suggested that black Americans have a lower average IQ than their white counterparts. ’The media hysteria about my old stuff online is mad but I wanted to help not be a distraction’, Sabisky tweeted announcing his resignation.


First of all he was talking about all black people and all white people on average, not Americans. Secondly, he is correct, on average white people tend to have higher IQs than black people. Asians tend to be higher than both. While some of the the other things he said looked odd out of context, pointing out facts is not Eugenics.

anthony 2 months

Sometimes things are better left unsaid whether they're true or not.

Corvus Crow
Corvus Crow 2 months

But did he support it or just talk about it? because it is a fact eugenics works, NBA certainly benefits from it for example, but it is also prevelent in animal breeding pretty much any domestic animal is due to some form of eugenics. that is not to say that the application can be deeply immoral in a manufactured environment. The only ethical way it can possibly work is perhaps to remove horrifyingly damaging hereditary defects or if a person chooses a consenting partner. let me know if im wrong but this is jut my opinion.

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