Fan takes hero-worship a notch ahead of Trump’s visit

Fan takes hero-worship a notch ahead of Trump’s visit

India is set to welcome US President Trump’s on Feb. 24. Amongst his fans is Bussa Krishna from the south who has erected a life-size statue to Trump in his yard and worships him. ’My love for him has transformed into reverence. That has given me immense happiness. Hence instead of praying to other gods, I started praying to him’, Krishna says.

Cole Erdmann
Cole Erdmann 1 months

BRUH, we got other countries people's worshipping trump. How do dems expect to win?

Occam’s lazer
Occam’s lazer 1 months

Some cultures are better than others

Paul C
Paul C 1 months

So kind of like the altar of "evidence" that Adam Schiff has constructed down in his mom's basement? Hopefully this Indian fellow doesn't do the same form of covering himself in vaseline and self-flagellation that Schiff does, because that's just gross.

Rhokanth 1 months

The complete opposite of TDS.

bobby_5150 1 months

Looks like someone took the god-king label a little too far.

AD C 1 months

Among all the hollow name calling Democrats have aimed at Trump, 'cult of personality' is arguably the one that's hard to refute.

R LoRusso
R LoRusso 1 months

Almost looks like a story from the Babylon Bee.

Craig 1 months

um... this is news?

elimination chamber
elimination chamber 1 months

wow the right wing is like a plague it infects normal people and then immediately turns them insane or just down right stupid. when will people just understand that the USA needs to move forward with people's rights and now go back that's why we are only #1 in military.....

Andrain 1 months

I'd consider it slightly concerning over anything else. What does he even expect to gain from Trump exactly...?

Michael Mantion
Michael Mantion 1 months

true or not o hope this goes viral.

..... 1 months

This is hilarious. The demonrats must be pissing themselves. I'm going to join that religion too and officially register as a believer of trump. In trump we trust!

Gaius Octavius
Gaius Octavius 1 months

I like the president, but damn, this is a bit much

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