Indian villagers worship priest with massive tumor on his face as a god

Indian villagers worship priest with massive tumor on his face as a god

A 32-year-old priest with a massive tumor on his face is worshiped as a god by people in an Indian village. Dabul Mishra from Shahjehanpur in Uttar Pradesh was born with a condition that caused his face and lips to grow to outsized proportions. However, the villagers see the deformity as a blessing and believe him to be an incarnation of the god Jambavantha, who is depicted with a bear-like face.

Chris 1 months

"All cultures are equal" 🥴🤔🤡

Gus  Lone
Gus Lone 1 months

Only in India could this happen in 21st Century. no wonder why they also worship rats.

T3hGladiator 1 months

They also leave kids vestigial tails in if born with them as a god (or reincarnation?). Been a while, interesting read though.

Doge TV
Doge TV 1 months


SimonR 1 months

Look india we British aren't going to sort you out again, fix yourself.

avecplus 1 months

Hey I have a lump on my balls, I must be a saint or

Up 1 months

What in the ever living fuck? Well, if I ever become hideously deformed I know who I'm going to swindle out of some cash.

Jax Milovitch
Jax Milovitch 1 months

Ahhh Sanjitt do you want to poo on the street and worship this dude with big face tumour? ITs MoRE CUltUreD ThAn tHe WesT SaNJitT

Sirax 1 months

i hope they have separation of church and state.

Grand Ol Propaganda
Grand Ol Propaganda 1 months

Yeah.... his name is Trump!! 🤣🤣🤣

El 1 months

Why theyu call "indians" to Tump voters?

Harrison 1 months

so much racism on this app, it’s really sad

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