Susan Rice criticizes Bolton for refusing to testify in impeachment hearings

Susan Rice criticizes Bolton for refusing to testify in impeachment hearings

John Bolton, who appeared in his second public appearance following President Trump’s impeachment trial, was criticized by a former National Security Adviser from the Obama era. Susan Rice, the NSA from the Obama era criticized Mr. Bolton for having refused to testify during the House impeachment hearings.

Tom A
Tom A
Joo Radley
Joo Radley 1 months

Bolton ain't saying squat until his book comes out. He knows how to sell the sizzle on a nothing burger--he'd make an excellent street vendor of dubiously sourced sausages.

David 1 months

Susan, does Benghazi ring a bell,?

IvoryDove 1 months

Once upon a time I thought she was a pretty smart person... But her globalist desires turned me away from her. Some people think they can fix the world's problems by putting one big government in charge. That's the worst possible solution.

Jon 1 months

I dont need to buy his book to know Trump is corrupt and abused his power.

VaasDC 1 months

interviewer " can you give us a hint, I know you want trump to face justice dont you." bolton " of course I want him to face justice, I'll give you a hint.. it's in chapter 4 buy my book quick, it's the only way he will face justice." here you go, for those of you who truly believe his " damning" evidence you can preorder the book. quick though, we dont want the White House to suppress it. do tell the rest of us how damning it is. lol

Judi Em
Judi Em 1 months

Screw the stupid book. Let's talk about Benghazi.

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